Normal keyboard shortcut commands (ctrl+C, ctrl+V, etc) not working with Keyman

When I have a Keyman keyboard enabled, regular keyboard shortcuts are not working. ctrl+C simply types “c”, and same with all other ctrl based shortcuts. If I switch back to a non-Keyman keyboard the shortcuts work again. But switching whole keyboard layouts just to copy/paste or undo something is… not exactly convenient.

I found a very old post (from Feb last year) where someone had this same problem but they said they resolved it by rolling back to version 9 and I donˈt want to do that. Is there a known fix for this issue other than a rollback and/or is there a way to simply re-map these shortcuts within the Keyman developer? I am primarily using my own designed keyboard so I can easily edit it.

Also, I am on Windows 10.

Any assist on this would be greatly appreciated.

What Keyman keyboard are you using? Is it one you created or one from the Keyman keyboards repository?

What version of Keyman are you using?

I am using the latest update of Keyman, just updated it, and I am using a keyboard that I created.

Upon further investigation, it actually seems that this issue is actually isolated to OneNote. I hadnˈt noticed the issue was isolated to OneNote since I hadnˈt been using the keyboard in any other program and actually trying to copy/paste/undo. But now I have tried the same keyboard in other programs with no other issue using regular keyboard commands. And yes, I did go back to OneNote after having success in the other programs, and the issue persists.

Previously Keyman just didnˈt work at all in OneNote but a recent update (I think it was actually a Windows update) made it so that it does work now, only it seems to have developed this new problem after resolving the old one.

Hi @emilyereich,

Welcome to the Keyman Community! We do have a reported issue regarding incompatibility with OneNote. You may find that Ctrl+Insert, Shift+Insert work for the copy/paste commands as an alternative. I have noted the problems you are experiencing for follow-up and investigation.