Non-CC licenses in images

I’m working on a set of books and images that will be licensed as “All rights reserved” (it’s not my choice, but it’s what our client wants). When importing an image into a book, Bloom 4.8.0 strips out any “License” metadata that is not a Creative Commons URL, with the result that the images appear in the image toolbox as having “no license specified” before it is imported, and they appear in the Credit, Copyright, and License tool as “Contact the license holder for any permissions” afterwards.

While I applaud the slant toward Creative Commons licensing, is it possible to preserve whatever text may have previously been in the image license metadata? Perhaps it could show up in the “Custom” field in the license tool.

Hi Fraser,
I’m sorry about this, definitely not intentional. Go ahead send an image with this problem to


will do, thanks, John.

Hi Fraser,

Let me know if I’m not understanding your question correctly…

I think you are asking about images that correctly have CC copyright info embedded in them. Even if the book has an “all rights reserved” license, from what I understand its images must retain the copyright and license information specified by their owner. Some image sets actually specify that the original copyright info must be propagated, as a condition of usage. For an example see the Sweet Publication license information.

So we have a few books where the credits page looks something like this, where the book copyright and the image copyrights are different:


Hi Kim,

Good question, but that’s not the use case I’m thinking of. I’m thinking of a case where the image license is not a Creative Commons license – rather, it’s an “All rights reserved” license. (I know, this means the book can’t be shared very easily.)

The image file has a “License” metadata tag that reads “All rights reserved” (literal text) properly embedded in it. In the process of the image being copied into a Bloom book, Bloom is stripping out the License tag.

It appears that Bloom does this to any tag that does not begin with “” (or something like that).