No longer able to upload .apk to play store (Jan 9)

Play store now requires base 30 as the minimum and DAB uses 29. This doesn’t appear to be a variable that users can specify, and it’s not mentioned as an update in the release notes for 9.2

@cbowern In DAB if you go to Tools > Settings > Android SDK this is what I have.
So DAB is on API 30. Are you on version 9.2. I suspect you are still on an 8 version.

If you are on 9.x click on Install Packages and update and see if that fixes it.

If it does not fix it after pressing Check Installation, then please let us know what your have for Tools?

Thanks, that seems to have fixed it. I had avoided upgrading because the last two updates had bugs that prevented iOS apps working, but they appear to have been fixed.