No known version of Keyman is registered

When I open FLEx and try to type in a field a message box pops up that says “No known version of Keyman is registered.” The title of the box is Keyman initialization failed.

Once I dismiss the box then the letter I tried to type is inserted into the field.

The box only seems to pop up once for each project that I open and then FLEx works normally.

The box pops up regardless of whether the field is configured to use a Keyman keyboard or not.

I have Keyman version 10.0.1113.0 and FLEx version on Windows 10.


Hi David

I’ve installed Keyman Desktop 10.0.1201.0 and FLEx version on Windows 10.
Initially, I got the same message box you posted. Can you verify your writing system configuration?

In FLEx --> Format --> Set up Writing Systems… --> Modify --> Keyboard

My initial selection said “US - English”, and when I changed it to a Keyman keyboard (Khmer Angkor), it seemed to work.

Hi Darcy, Thanks for testing this. Yes I can confirm that this error message pops up once after opening a FLEx project as soon as I try to type the first character. It doesn’t depend upon the Writing System of the field that the cursor is in. It happens whether or not that WS is configured to use keyman. In case it is useful for diagnosing the problem pressing the backspace key as the first key doesn’t cause this error, but the error still occurs as soon as another character is typed. I have many flex projects for support work, and few of them use Keyman keyboards. This error is even affecting every project even those that don’t use any keyman keyboard.

In the video below the error only occurs with the first character pressed after opening the project. I’ve not shown the project opening as it is slow.

FWIW, I just checked and this error is coming from FieldWorks and not from Keyman.

Could you post your issue on!forum/flex-list for the FLEx team?

My request to join is pending approval.

I submitted this issue to Flexerrors back in July. They replied it is on their list of things to fix but it has a low priority because the emphasis is on releasing FLex 9.