No entries visible

I have a FLEx project at Language Depot and I can access it with FLEx. Now I want to see how Language Forge works with the project. I can connect to the project and Language Forge shows that I have 94111 entries. FLEx gives also the same number. However the number of entries is all I see at Language Forge (item 1 in the image). No entries are listed, only empty rows (item 2). If a click such row the entry is empty and word language ig given (item 3, the right would be fi for Finnish and eo for Esperanto for the gloss).

Hi Juha,

There was likely a crash or problem with S/R with prevented the writing systems from being setup properly. Your data is intact, however the writing system are not correctly setup on Language Forge which prevents you from seeing the data as you expect. If you know the writing system codes for your data, you can create those in Language Forge manually and associate them with the correct fields (unfortunately we don’t have analysis/vernacular WS)

Now I don’t understand. I didn’t select any writing system in Language Forge, as I assumed such settings would be part of the project I import. My project in FLEx is not using th (Thai), item 3 in the figure. I have no idea where it came from.

Basically, the import failed. The data made it through but the writing systems didn’t. So you will need to add writing systems manually and I think you’ll find the data will then be visible to you.

Kind regards,


I tried anew today with another browser (Google Chrome on MS Windows 10).

I didn’t get any RPC errors. Now Language Forge says that there are 24091 entries, about one fourth of the correct number.

All entries are shown as empty, but you said that by setting up the writing system I should see them. Where can I set up writing system? The currently visible code isn’t clickable nor I can find any settings page or section anywhere.

It seems to me as if the whole project is broken at LF. Where can I discard it and reload from scratch from Language Depot?