No Audio Playback in Saymore

I have no Audio Playback in SayMore.

I reinstalled Windows 10 and SayMore, but problem still exists.

Audio plays back fine in File Explorer.

Help! ~Mike

It seems to be related to permissions.

If I move the project folder to ext drive or desktop it works, but upon moving it back to root of D drive it continues to fail to playback.

No error message? It would seem that if you are able to play it via File Explorer, you should have all the permissions necessary to play it from within SayMore. It could be that some other process has it locked, but restarting Windows should take care of that. If you are not using the latest version of SayMore, please try upgrading. Even if SayMore is not displaying an error message, it might be writing something out to its log file, which is at %Temp%\SIL International\SayMore\Log.txt. If after reproducing the error in SayMore, you can email that file to me at, I will have a look.
Beyond that, we might need to try using ProcessMonitor to see what is going on. If you need technical help with installing and using ProcessMonitor and don’t have a local techie who can help you, please let me know and I’ll try to help walk you through it.

I emailed the log file.