Next/Previous Record Buttons to Facilitate Dictionary Review

I’ve equipped a team this week with training on how to use Language Forge for their dictionary project. One of the things I’ve seen as we have gone through the process is that they struggle going sequentially record by record through the dictionary to review it. The main problem seems to be that they have to scroll to the bottom of the page to see the field they are interested in and when they do that, they no longer see the list of entries on the left side. Also there seems to be a bug where the current record doesn’t stay central in the list and isn’t in view any more. I think one solution that might help with this is to have next and previous arrow buttons that show up at the top and bottom of the page so that the user can easily go to the next or previous entry. This way the user can stay where they are in the view and go forwards or backwards.

Dear Ron,

Thank you for this feedback. A Next/Previous record button is a great idea! I will see about getting this into our next release.