Newbie Creating Mongolian Cyrillic QWERTY

Hello Keyman Community,

I want to create a keyboard for Mongolian Cyrillic in the QWERTY layout.
The layout that is currently available for Mongolian Cyrillic is not as friendly to Western/QWERTY users.

Interestingly, the Keyman layout available for Traditional Mongolian does align to QWERTY, and is excellent. Alas, Traditional Mongolian has limited, ceremonial use.

I am not a remotely technical person, but I have managed to create and install a Mongolian Cyrillic QWERTY keyboard for Mac that I am satisfied with, using Ukelele.

I am seeking support with making this keyboard solution available on the Keyman macOS app and the Keyman Iphone app, so that I (and others) can conveniently switch back and forth between Mongolian Cyrillic QWERTY and Traditional Mongolian, both now nicely mapped to QWERTY.

Thanks in advance for anyone who has interest in working on this together!

Hi Seb_Restrepo,

I am more than happy to collaborate with you on this. The two keyboards are on Freeware and MIT licence, so we can potentially update either or both instead of starting from scratch.