New "Draft" feature on Bloom Library

Hi all,

We’re pleased to announce a new light-weight way that you can use to get feedback on books before you make them public.

When you are logged in to, you can now go to any book that you have uploaded and mark it as “Draft”. When in Draft mode, the book will not show up in searches or other pages (there will still be advanced ways to find it, so it’s not completely secret). You can then copy its URL and send that to people you want to review it:

Of course the “My Book” page will still show all of your books to you


In the future, we may create a way to declare a book as draft before uploading it. But for now, when you finish uploading, just click on the link that Bloom gives you to go to the Library, then mark it as draft.

– John

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Thanks John.

There are literacy workers in Asia who are excited about this feature.

Travel restrictions currently make it difficult for teams to collaborate on drafts in-person, so being able to do this through Bloom Library is helpful.

I would like to pick up on what John mentioned last September: It would be great if the “Share on the Web” page in the Bloom Editor has a “draft” checkbox that the upload process would trigger the draft feature on the website.

Yes, that’s part of the next version of the upload screen.

We hope to work on this in the Bloom 5.4 timeframe.