New category in the letter and word report in decodable tool

When I click “generate a letter and word report” in the decodable reader tool, the current categories are
Stage 1
New Sight Words:
New Decodable Words:

Could we add another category that is a summary of ALL words usable up to that point?

Some people find the use of an external tool helpful for this sort of analysis. If you have plain text file(s) in the language, they can easily be fed into the PrimerPrep tool (PrimerPrep), which provides lists of words and letters, and proposes a teaching order. You can easily modify the teaching order, and the new list of decodable words is updated and presented instantaneously. Since all of the letters in the teaching order are visible on the screen, you can readily see “ALL words usable up to that point”. It is also possible to add sight words and reveal untaught residue in your sample texts. For more information, check out the first two (very short) sections of the PrimerPrep Help file (Introduction and Initial steps) found here: PrimerPrep Help - PrimerPrep.

(This isn’t to discourage this Feature Request, but just a reminder of other tools out there.)

I do use primer prep; just was looking for that one-stop-shop!! :slight_smile:

OK @LitBeth, we’ll start on this and will have it for Bloom 5.2. Thank you for the request.