Needing help how to create a dictionary

I am a beginner language learner and am becoming very passionate about incorporating technology to not just preserve the language. Kn nkintčínəm nwwawəlx̌tn nxaʔamxčín, I speak baby talk Moses‿Columbia. I have been learning the dialect of my fathers people for 3 years now and it really has helped me to break cycles of assimilation and generational trauma, I believe in the power of the spoken word of my ancestors. I do not know how to code or am I in any way a linguist or decorated academic. I have a heart and a passion to help other people to overcome the obstacles that impede them from having open communication with the natural wolrld and more specifically with the creator ḥaw̓w̓iyənčútén the one who made him self and everything else. I am no way sn expert on any of the relevant matters I just believe in my heart that technology may be the way to reach the people and connect them with the identity which our ancestors carried to us through many hard times the gift that they have left is the language which ties us to all creation and gives hope for the 7 generations past and the seven generations to come. Regrdlless I am working with a Mac book pro and need to find a a way to create a dictionary not invent the wheel, and I cespreratley need help.

Thank you for your time

yaʔtu wəl isktamqn

Šišiyuš aha

Welcome to the Language Forge community! I think you will find this tool to be an excellent help. It was designed for anyone to be able to use.

Speaking of not reinventing the wheel, have you checked the SIL archives for resources that exist in your language?

For language learning I am using the Android app AnkiDroid, where I learn a phrase at a time. Super helpful.

I’m constantly checking my notecards against the dictionary and grammar and making corrections, while learning.

God bless,