Needed assistance for chinese (Chinese Mandarin) keyboard

Hello, When I’m using a chinese keyboard and set focus to input field, there is no any keyboard displayed on the screen. For example, if I use another keyboard (e.g. russian), after focusing into the input field, keyboard is displayed. As result I have to type in with a real English keyboard to see chinese suggestions with IME. That is not what I’m expecting to see. Could please anyone explain me how to correctly setup a chinese keyboard locally to see an expected result?
Thanks in advance!

Currently, the Keyman Chinese keyboard does not show an on-screen keyboard component. I am aware this is less than ideal; however we have not had the resources here to change the implementation of this. The source for the keyboard needs some work in order to bring it up to a modern standard before we could publish it and this could be resolved.

@Marc, Thank you very much for a quick response. Is it planned in the nearest future( or later and if yes in what timeline) to update chinese keyboard to a modern standard? I think it would be really appreciated by developers of desktop applications that support multi language in their apps

It’s not currently in our timeline; we are planning to do a lot of bugfix work for version 13.0 of Keyman, so I will add your comments to the mix when we plan which issues we will be tackling!

We’ve documented this issue here:

Not clear from this discussion if we are discussing the web keyboard or the Windows keyboard?

Hi @Marc, sorry for not specifying the keyboard. Described issue I observed in Web Keyboard in the 11th version of KeymanWeb

Thanks for the update. I was thrown by the reference to desktop :slight_smile: I’ll update the issue accordingly.