Need TAMIL-002 font support


We are seeking for the support of TAMIL-002 font in keyman. Having said that, most of the priorities are on hold due to the unavailability of this font. Please guide us a way to add the font in Keyman

If it’s a exceptional case, which is considered to be unused in wide range, Kindly help us in adding the support of this font in keyman for which we are ready to go for the commercial version. In this case, gives us the info about pricing and licensing terms.

Expecting your response ASAP.


Hi - The TAMIL-002 was not produced by us, so we’re unable to provide support for it. If the font does not work properly with the default OS keyboard for Tamil then the font may not be Unicode-encoded. You would need to develop a special keyboard for that font. Sorry but we’re unable to do that for you. You could try to contact the person who developed the TAMIL-002 font and work with them to create a keyboard for it.