Need help and advice in upgrading to Keyman 13 from Keyman 8


For years I’ve stuck with using Keyman 8 and the Clavier du Burkina QWERTY keyboard for language work on the Kaansa language, even though Keyman and Windows have moved on significantly. Every time I start to look at upgrading, it seems confusing (for example, there is no keyboard specifically for the Kaansa language, just the general keyboard developed years ago for Burkina Faso languages - so how do I work with that in Windows that now requires language-specific keyboards?). Since I’m usually pressed for time, I give up and keep using what has worked for years. Another reason I hesitate is because Keyman 8 as it is now configured works well enough with Language Explorer. I’m not sure how to use a newer version of Keyman with that program as well.

So, is there anyone out there who can help me step through the upgrade process? I’d also like to be able to use the keyboards on my Android phone and iPad too.


Stuart Showalter
Remote Advisor
Kaansa Project Burkina Faso

Welcome Stuart! There is a Burkina keyboard:
Are you saying this keyboard does not have all the characters you need? If not, I’d be glad to update the keyboard if you can tell me what characters you need.

If the keyboard is correct for your use, you can just use it even though it doesn’t list gna. However, I’ll be glad to add the gna language to the keyboard if you verify the keyboard is sufficient for the Kaansa needs. You can contact me directly if you wish or respond here. You probably know my email address.

Thank you. That’s exactly what I needed to know. Yes, please mark it “gna” and list it under “Kaansa”, which should help others find it on the Keyman website. I looked in the list of languages and could not find either “Kaansa” or “Clavier du Burkina”.

BTW, there are two versions of CDB, one for QWERTY and one for the French layout AZERTY. Should they be listed separately?

Please let me know how to download that and integrate it into the Windows 10 and Android systems.


Go ahead and use the keyboard as it is. I’ll try to get to this next week.

Another thought about adapting it to Android. Would it be possible for me to edit it somehow and create a bunch of options that pop up with a long press of a letter? Kaansa uses a lot of diacritics which take a long time to type on a phone keyboard, so it would be nice to have long-press options on that version of the keyboard.

I’m not really a programmer, but I have two adult children who are professional computer aces. :blush:


There is already an Android keyboard. Just select a language that the keyboard already claims to support and you can download it. It does already has longpress keys.

I upgraded the keyboard to include gna. It’s now online. That was the only change in the keyboard.

Thanks very much.