Need for Editable and non-Editable Fields together

In working with a new team using Language Forge, I see a need to be able to give the contributor role or maybe a certain user the permission to see certain fields, but not be able to edit them while at the same time having other fields that they can see and edit. Right now the View Settings allow me to give a Contributor the ability to see or not see certain fields, but every field that they can see is also editable for them. For example, I would like to give a certain contributor the right to change the French gloss field, but I don’t want him or her to change anything else. Maybe I want he or she to see the word and the citation form fields and maybe the gloss fields in other languages, but I don’t want any changes made there. I might even want the ability to restrict them from deleting stuff (like the entry) or adding stuff like a new sense. Having these kind of changes would allow users to see the context of the entry they are working in without being able to change certain fields.

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Hi Ron,

Thank you for this good feedback. It is good to hear that Language Forge is being used and also what would be an improvement for this team. We have a design for re-engineering the field permissions/visibility (combining field settings and view settings into one UI) but that is a high cost change and will be slow in coming. Your suggestion could be worked into that redesign.

Right now, I think the best work around for your situation is to use the “Commenter” role so that no fields are editable but that the user can suggest edits. Then a manager can actually make the edits and resolve the comments. This requires more work and people, but I think it’s possible to do what you’re trying to do with this existing feature.




What I’m choosing to do now is just showing the extra fields even though they are editable and asking the user not to change those fields. I look forward to the redesign when it comes.