Navigation: return to where you were

DAB has two ‘views’; I’ll call one ‘preview’ (with the alphabet on the top row) and the other ‘entry’ (with the entry and arrows on the top row) view. When you click an entry in preview view, you’re taken to that entry. Great! But when you touch the ‘back’ arrow at the upper left (beside the dictionary’s title) you’re taken right back to the beginning of the dictionary, even if you were halfway through the dictionary… It would be nice to be taken ‘back’ to where one had just departed, not right back to the beginning. For what it’s worth.

Hi Paul,
I also had this problem, and I believe I requested this same thing a while ago. Somehow, I thought it had been dealt with, because I had noticed the app working the way I wanted it to sometimes. When I tried to reproduce it quickly, I couldn’t. But then when using the app for an extended period of time the other day, I realized that it worked. I think it must work on some sort of timer. It captures where you are every so many minutes and then when you hit “back” it remembers that place. Give it a try, looking through the app for 3-5 minutes? (Haven’t timed it) and then hit back and see where you land.