Navigation in a Bible Module

I would like to have the Contents Menu automatically create different entries pointing to each \s section heading in a Bible Module. However I cannot find a way to have contents auto generate, nor a way to manually point to a \s header.

It’s possible I should be using SAB–please let me know if that is a better choice than RAB.
It’s possible someone has written a tutorial on best practices for Bible Modules in SAB or RAB and I can’t find it.

Can RAB only link Contents to the beginning of a new chapter, or is there a way to link into the chapter somewhere (like the \s header that I want)?

Sorry for the long delay in responding.

I have an external method designed to pull information out of a SFM song book and create an importable Contents menu.

It may do what you are looking for.

How are your pages broken up?

I ended up writing a script to add chapter markers into my sfm file before each \s marker, and also externally modified the contents.xml file to add references to each of those new chapter markers (there were about 100 of them). From within the app builder I could then populate the actual names of each \s marker.

This works, and I can modify my script for future projects. I was just surprised that RAB couldn’t handle this internally–it seemed like it should be possible to have contents references point to \s markers instead of only to the beginning of ‘chapters’. In SAB you can point to verses, but in this Bible Module we’re removing verse markers and thus don’t anything to point a contents entry to.

Currently the module in PT is all in one chapter. After I added chapter markers externally during the move to SAB, each section shows up on a different ‘page’ in SAB. That works, but isn’t really what we wanted. We’d prefer that the entire thing was in one long document in SAB, but that the contents menu could jump to different locations within that document.

If you want the whole document in one whole page, you could have it in one chapter but with a verse number for each section. But in the features hide the verse numbers.

But why don’t your put in a feature request (start a new post as a feature request) for adding a section header index to section headings at the push of a button.