Navigation Bar - Screen Selector

Inside a Reading App that has a few books, but many chapters, we can build a Contents Menu with Multiple Screens, that can ease the navigation to certain chapters.

It would be great if from the top Navigation Bar we could switch between selecting the Book&Chapter to select different Screens of the Contents Menu. Those Screens may contain Letters.

For example:
In a Bible App from the Navigation Bar we can select: Book>Chapter>Verse
In a Reading/Songs App I want to be able to select from Navigation Bar: Book>Letter>Song

If you slightly restructure your data, you could simulate that.

In your book in SFM

\id songbk
\mt1 song book
\c 1 
\cp A
\v 1
song content
\v 2
song 2 content
\c 2
\cp B
\v 3 
Song x content

The A from the \cp will display instead of the 1 in the Chapter slot.

That may not be what you want if the songs are not in alphabetical order.

The Contents menu option in your other post is the most flexible.

The challenge is the volume of data, more that 200 songs, and increasing.

I am afraid this option is not flexible enough as I will still have V (verse) numbers instead of titles in the navigation bar.

For song books, I don’t use the built in number, title menu system. I build a Contents Menu that has a number index, a title index, a first line of song index and first line of chorus index, a Scripture reference index, an English title index. It depends on what data you have with your song.