My Keyman Developer crashes when I try to compile my keyboard

The Subject says it all. I click on Keyboard\Compile Keyboard and Developer closes. No error message. Starts up again fine, but continues to crash when I try to compile. Rebooting did not help.
UPDATE: Found the problem: one continuing line was missing a โ€œ\โ€. :slightly_smiling_face:
Also found a last line that incorrectly had a โ€œ\โ€, but that caused a compiling error, not a crash.

Sorry that you experienced this, but could you give some more details like:

  • Keyman Developer version number
  • Keyman Desktop version number
  • Windows version number

If you donโ€™t mind sharing the keyboard project with me, I can try and test it on my side to see what can be done to solve this.

Thanks Makara. Iโ€™m sorry for any confusion. I was able to solve the immediate problem, although I donโ€™t know why it happened. When a line had a โ€œ\โ€ that it wasnโ€™t supposed to have, the keyboard compiled and showed an error message. But when a line that was supposed to have a โ€œ//โ€ didnโ€™t have one, the program crashed. Iโ€™m attaching my keyboard, but this file does not have a problem with crashing or compiling. (In a different thread, I asked for help because it seems that the rules arenโ€™t being applied.)
hebnew01a.kmn (44.6 KB)
Windows 10 Version 1903 (OS Build 18362.535)
Keyman Developer
Keyman Desktop 12 (I couldnโ€™t find the exact version number, can you tell me where to find it?)
Thanks again.

Thank for the clarification, Hayyim. Glad that the error went away. The following is an FYI.

  • The backslash is used to wrap a long line of code. See more on the use of the backslash here:

If you have a long line, you can wrap it to the next line by inserting a backslash ( \ ) as the last character on the line. The primary limitation is that you cannot use comments except on the last line of a continuation. The backslash must not be inside quotes.


store(LaoConsonants) U+0E81 U+0E82 U+0E84 U+0E87 U+0E88 U+0E8A U+0E8D U+0E94 \
                     U+0E95 U+0E96 U+0E97 U+0E99 U+0E9A U+0E9B U+0E9C U+0E9D \
                     U+0E9E U+0E9F U+0EA1 U+0EA2 U+0EA3 U+0EA5 U+0EA7 U+0EAA \
                     U+0EAB U+0EAD U+0EAE    c list of all the Lao consonants


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@Bearpecs if you are able to reproduce the problem with Developer crashing, please do attach the keyboard to this topic so we can address it. Thanks!