My Devanagāgari keyman keyboard stopped working. Anyone know why that could be?

My Devanagāgari keyman keyboard stopped working. Anyone know why that could be?

Can you give us more details? Is the keyboard from our site? If so, what is the name of it? Are you using Keyman 10 or what version? Are you on Windows 10 or another version of Windows or macOS?
Can you select the keyboard and it doesn’t output the right characters?

Hi, thank you for your response. Yes, the keyboard is from your site. I think it’s keyman Sanskrit unicode kmp. It looks like version 10.0.104. It’s for MacOS. I can select the keyboard, it’s in the banner at the top right of the screen, but then it’s just typing roman letters. Up until a few weeks ago it worked perfectly for the last year or so. Thank you.

Do you know if there were changes to the operating system or to the version of Keyman that happened around the time the keyboard stopped working?

Thank you. There might have been an iOS update, not sure. Should I just start over and delete and reload it?


Please pardon brevity and any typos. :slight_smile:

So you are using macOS, not iOS, right – just confirming?

Can you check a few things:

  1. Do you see all the Keyman menu items in the language menu (up the top right)? [After you select the Keyman item from the menu, you should be able to open the menu again to see the subitems]:

    • Keyman
      • Keyboards
      • Configuration
      • On-Screen Keyboard
      • About
  2. Which apps are you working with? Does the same problem occur with TextEdit?

  3. Which version of macOS are you using? You can check by clicking the Apple menu and selecting About this Mac.

  4. Which version of Keyman are you using? You can check by selecting Keyman|About in the language menu.

  5. Do you have any other Keyman keyboards installed? Or just the Sanskrit Unicode keyboard? If you do have others, do they work?

  6. Can you add another keyboard from the Configuration dialog and test to see if that one is working?