Multiple translation layouts like SAB

Hi there,

I’m loving RAB.

My idea is to enable multiple layouts for multiple translations like SAB. This would allow RAB to be used to put together multilingual books that foster multilingual education.

A challenge to this idea is that each sentence or chunk would have to be numbered in both translations for synchronization purposes, as they aren’t mapped to verse numbers like in SAB.

Admittedly, my immediate use case is trying to make a Quechua hymnal app with text synced to Quechua audio and a simultaneously-visible Spanish translation, to help me in my Quechua language learning.

Does anyone else see utility in this idea? I’m not sure how much work it would entail.



If the feature is in SAB then just open your project in SAB. It works.

You can choose to hide verse numbers, so they could be in there but not displayed.

Oh neat! Thanks for the tip! :smiley: