Multiple Search terms for a language in the BLOOM library

I wonder if, on BLOOM library, there could be different search terms allowable. Some languages have multiple names; and some require special characters that not everyone has on their phone.
For example (tnn) is called North Tanna, Nən-Naka, and Naka. It would be good if people could search by any of those terms. I know they can search by the 3 letter language code, but folk are likely to forget that.

Thanks for this, Beth.

While our database currently only has spaces for two names per language, note that our search is at least very tolerant of different spellings, including leaving out diacritics & using different characters.

I note that for North Tanna, you’ve got the autonym set to the Pigin name instead of the autonym. In this specific case, if you used “Nən-Naka” for the autonym, then I expect that North Tanna, Nən-Naka, and Naka would all work as search terms.

I can make that change for you if you like.

Thanks John, yes, please do; though it would also be nice if they could search under Not Tanna (Bislama).

I apologize for confusing Pigin with Bislama. At least I didn’t call it my own version, Tok Pisin!

Here’s what you’ll get now:





Not offended in the least!

Excellent! Thank you!