Multiple Longpress Options?

I guess I’m just having trouble with the Touch Layout editor. Is there a tutorial video with just a simple layout?

I believe I figured out how to manually add multiple longpress options in the Code, but is there a way to do this with the GUI? It just seems easier to make a mistake in the Code vs GUI.

Here’s what I have in the Code section:

“id”: “K_E”,
“text”: “e”,
“sk”: [
“text”: “ê”,
“id”: “U_00EA”
“text”: “ë”,
“id”: “U_00EB”



Hi James
Unfortunately, we’re short-handed to make training videos. There are a few guides available online.

This Keyman Developer guide will show you how to use the GUI in making a touch layout

Hi Darcy,

That is actually a very helpful guide, so no video needed. I just couldn’t find it before. Somehow I found an older version of a tutorial. It wasn’t very straight forward, but this one is. I especially appreciate that it uses Latin based characters without many special options, which I can understand.

Could that tutorial link be added to the Context help within Keyman Developer itself?

That’s a great idea :slight_smile: I assume you mean adding it to the following page:

I would encourage you to submit this documentation feature request at the link above; add a link to this topic when you add it!

I can do that.

I actually meant here:

I’ll include both locations in the submission.

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