Multiple Lexical Models for one keyboard

I have one keyboard which should work for many languages, but the predictive text needs to be separate for each language. Given the multilingual situation of Nigeria it’s helpful if we can keep things together as much as possible but enable say English + Hausa + a home language to be supported by the one keyboard…

I think I can answer some of my own questions now. It appears that I should:

  1. In Keyboards add the same .kmp file multiple times changing the Keyboard Name and Language to match what I have in Lexical Models.
  2. Don’t change the Keyboard ID. Make it all the same.

What I still don’t understand is why some of my lexical models work and others don’t.

So this is what I have now and it seems to largely work. Would still love to know how to debug or assess a situation where the lexical model never pops up the banner above the keyboard.