Multiple keyboard use

I’ve created a limited SEO IPA keyboard for teaching and quizzing students in an introductory linguistics class. I’d like it to be more adaptable to swapping with the default keyboard though and I’m not sure how to go about it. I’ve tried enabling the Alt + Shift feature to swap quickly between keyboards, but I’m concerned students will lose track of what they’re doing. As it is I have to create YouTube videos to help them navigate our LMS and install keyman and the keyboards. Then for users who already study other languages and have many keyboards installed like I do, it can be cumbersome. Is there a way to have the onscreen keyboard independent of the physical keyboard? I have the students take quizzes online with windows machines, so if they could type English on their keyboard like normal, then simply click the IPA symbols they need to fill in as they go it would be optimal. Thanks for any recommendations.

Hi @Teck, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

This isn’t really possible with Keyman on Windows – the keyboard is activated in both On Screen Keyboard and physical keyboard contexts.

However, there might be an alternate way to solve this problem. If you are running quizzes in a website, you could use KeymanWeb, which runs within the browser and with which you can control the selected language field-by-field. In this scenario, the students would use their normal English keyboard in Windows, but KeymanWeb would then switch on when you need it for specific fields, automatically.

I’ll look into that implementation then and see what I can do with it. Thanks!

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Well, due to the functionality limitations for scripting that are allowed with the LMS that my campus mandates, this solution has fallen flat unfortunately. I’ll have to keep searching for an answer, but thanks anyways.