Multi-lingual books in Bloom Reader

All of our books are available in the national language, the LWC, and in many different vernacular languages. Instead of having three different versions of the same book in Bloom Reader, we would love to have the option of publishing them as multi-lingual books.

The educational value of the books would greatly increase, because when the user is reading the book in the national language, and he is not sure about the meaning, he could quickly go to the same page and read it in his vernacular or LWC.

You can already do this. I recently published a bilingual book with audio to the Bloom Reader app. The highlighting of text in unison with the audio isn’t quite right but other than that, it’s a book in BR with the national language and a tribal language, both with audio.

Correct, but in books where you don’t have space for three textboxes, or when you’re using comic balloons like in our Bible comics, this approach doesn’t work.
Having a way to ‘toggle’ between languages is what we’re looking for.

@Koen72 We think modern Bloom does what you were asking for. Do you agree?

Bloom definitely delivers all that we hoped for.