Moving talking books to Bloom Reader app

I was practicing adding audio (the Talking Book Tool) to two shell books in preparation for teaching Bloom in Gabon for a cluster project starting a week from Monday (Feb 5). In both my practice attempts, when I exported the books to the Bloom Reader app, the files transferred fine except there is no audio. Currently I am using Beta version 4.0.114. When I was taught Bloom 2 or 3 weeks ago and we practiced with the Talking Book Tool and export, we had the same or similar problem – I remember we had some problem with moving the books with audio to the Bloom Reader and getting them to work right. Is there something I may be doing wrong? Is this a known problem that is being addressed? Is there any hope it could be fixed in time for my training in Gabon. I, and I think others, will be dissappointed if this functionality will not work. That is, I think the translators would be thrilled to be able to create the Talking Books for Android. Thanks.

Hi Randy,
Sorry to hear the audio isn’t working. Drat! This is not a known issue. Please send details of the problem to us by going to help:report a problem and submitting the book to us that way. Also please tell us in that report which version of Bloom Reader you are using, what device, what version of Android. Over the weekend here, you could try using 4.1; I’m PM you with a link.

Thanks so much, John. I installed 4.1 and the audio feature works now. Yeah! In the meantime I learned the e-pub/e-reader option and got that to work on my phone also. That requires a few more steps to get there, so I think the Bloom Reader options is preferable. Thanks again.

Randy, for what it is worth, several people have tried and none have been able to reproduce the problem you encountered with making Talking Book books for BR using Bloom 4.0. So we don’t have an action item on that yet.

Interesting. It didn’t work for either Barb and I with 4.0.106 and it failed after 2 or 3 tries with 4.0.114, but it worked just now with 115. Just glad it is working now.