More search options in DAB?

In Reading App Builder, there are lots of really helpful search function options. These would be extremely helpful to have in DAB, since one of the primary things people want to do in a dictionary is search for specific words. I was hoping 2.0 would have them, but alas, not yet.
Is there anyone else who has managed to find this software community and is interested in this feature?

An even further suggestion (I am reaching for the stars here) would be an option to set these parameters based on the writing system, since I have one language in my app that works best when you check “Match whole words” and another that works best to have it unchecked.

Below is a screenshot of RAB’s options, so you can see what I mean:

Thank you for the suggestion. I have moved the topic to a new “DAB Feature Requests” category.

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Great, thank you! I hope it works out to include the more search options sometime soon.

I’m just getting started, and am also interesting in more powerful search function, specifically of the example sentence. I’ve gotten around this by saving all the example sentences as headwords, and then capitalizing headwords to distinguish them from the example sentences.

I was also missing that feature and some other features also.
I have crated a topic on that also. As I am new to this forum so I can’t put links. But you can search it as
“Standard features needed to be embedded in dictionary” Hope my suggestions will be considered.