Modify Font - Lexend

I would like to use the Lexend font with some modifications for my website and Android app.

The Lexend already offers one stylistic alternates. I would like to pick only two of the glyphs from the alternate versions to replace the ones in the original version.
What the developers were thinking is to switch the two glyphs names in the code base by the alternate names, then re-export the font and rename it.

We are not planning to sell or redistribute the font, it would only be used on our website.We would also rename the font.

In those conditions, would you confirm that it’s ok to replace some font glyphs with others ?

I was not familiar with the Lexend font as it is not an SIL produced font. I looked it up and it does use SIL’s Open Font License, so yes, what you are suggesting seems to be within the scope of what is allowed with the OFL. (However, if the license had not been the OFL, you would need to carefully review the font license to determine what you are allowed to do.)

Thank you Lorna for your answer