Model imported but doesn't show up in keyman

I’ve created a keyboard and imported it into keyman (Mac), and it creates the folder in the Documents directory. But it does not appear in keyman. Similarly, the keyboard does not appear in Android.

I assume you intend to use your keyboard on macOS and Android. In that case, you may want to create a .kmp which can be installed on the target platforms of your choosing.

Thanks, I did that, and have a .kmp file on both mac and android, but when it says it is installed it does not appear in keyman as an option

That’s weird. Can you send me your keyboard project in the direct message so I can take a look at it?

It won’t let me upload as I am a new user …

In that case, you can zip the project and uploaded to your google drive and then share the link to access it to me.

It looks like I do not have access to the file. I have sent a request to access. Please grant me access.

Sorry about that, thanks for looking at it.

The support has been moved to DM and Skype.