Mobile Keyman - Keyboard selection

I am using a LG-G6 smartphone running Android 8.0.0. When I try to add a Keyboard from the Keyboard catalog. I get a very long list to choose from. Is there any way to filter the list? it is a pain to scroll through the list.

Also how do you delete a keyboard from one’s keyboard list?

I found the answer in the info document. It was using a long press on the keyboard in keyboard select menu.

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I really agree with you in terms of filtering the list. It’s certainly not great as it is (on Android, iOS, and Windows). The list needs search, filtering, and more.

We plan to make it 7 times worse by adding support for every language in Ethnologue.<-- this is a joke :wink:

This is something we plan to resolve in v13.

I am glad to hear that it is on your to do list

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Links for todo list (aka roadmap) and bug list!