Missing entries on Android

Language Forge on my Android phone does not display all the entries in my lexicon. That seems to be true both in the app and in a browser. On my laptop all entries display.

I’ve tried to see if I have any filters set but don’t seem to. The app says “Showing all 829 entires” but there are 2616 that should appear. I just did a sync from the phone and the number increased from 828 to 829. Initially they were all /a/ entries appearing but now they seem to be a mixed bag and not in alphabetical order.

I’m pretty sure all entries appeared when I first installed the app.

Any ideas?


Hi Jan,

Sorry that you ran into this issue. My first suggestion is to uninstall/reinstall the Android app and empty the browser cache for languageforge.org on your phone. My hunch is that the cache has gotten out of sync with what the server has. Let me know how that goes first and then we can look into other options.



Thank you, Chris. That seems to have done the trick. I now see all entries in both the app and the browser on my phone.

In case it’s of any diagnostic help, when I opened the app before uninstalling it, it displayed a different number of entries from yesterday

Thanks again,