Missing data in view

The Indonesian view has headword and short definiton but the Manado Malay only has headword. How do I get a short definition to show up? I have checked all three languages in DAB Language tab.

I assume your source is LIFT. Can you show an entry?

Normally it would also include the Part of Speech and the definition/gloss from the second language in the list.

I had a problem like this with a dictionary, using xhtml as a source. It was because the Configure Dictionary in Flex had “Definition” checked in Senses, not “Definition (or Gloss)”.

I’ve also seen empty data when I have created the app, but then used the Update from [Other] Source buttons to update the lexical data. Can you confirm that you didn’t use those buttons? (I.e. You built the app from the New App… button, and didn’t change the lexical data after that point.) Probably not the problem, but it would be good to rule that out.

What do you have checked on this tab of the Features section?

This was the problem. Thanks.