Minor entries don't show up in App

Hi there

My entries that
a) are complex forms
b) where I have defined one or several of its components in FLEx

=> don’t show up in the app (except for in the detail view of the entry of respective component of course)
But I have checked the box “show minor entry” in FLEx before exporting my LIFT file, so I would want them to show up as individual entry.

Complex forms where I have NOT defined any components DO show up.

Can you help me here?



LIFT does not export any Flex settings, it is an interchange format. LIFT by default splits minor entries from the main entry and links them as relations. LIFT does not display semantic information unless you tweak the LIFT after export from Flex. One tweak produces a Semantic tab beside the language tabs.

To keep settings from Flex you need to use the XHTML format. You can view how that looks in a browser before putting into DAB. There are many tweaks you can make in Flex to get what you want. (LIFT makes life easier but is less flexible.)

The disadvantage of the XHTML is you have to export each reversal separately to the main dictionary. It also looks more like a print dictionary, that is not spaced out like the LIFT form. No need to save paper on a phone screen.