Minimum hardware requirements for Bloom?

What are the minimum hardware requirements for running current versions of Bloom? I’ve seen specs (1.5 GHz CPU, 4 GB RAM, 2 GB storage) in some old training materials, but I can’t find anything current in the downloads area (or anywhere else) on

We don’t have those defined, anymore, no.

Generally, any computer which is capable of running Windows 10 should be sufficient. That, of course, would come with a caveat that you might need more memory if working with large, complex books.

How would you use such requirements? Just to share with others before a workshop?

Hi Andrew,
The question came up in connection with a manual for Bloom trainers, who might need to help new users install Bloom, possibly on older machines. But “Win10 specifications” for the current release version of Bloom is probably a good way to put it.



I suggested the “Windows 10” as a way of explaining requirement, but I just look it up and officially that’s super low: 1GB RAM. I was thinking more like 4GB.