Microphone Icon in Talking Book Tool

When I am using the Talking Book Tool, this icon displays for my microphone. The microphone testing is working and the recording process seemed to work fine, but the icon looks like it is trying to tell me that something is wrong with my microphone set-up. I tried using an external microphone or the internal microphone on my computer and both worked for recording. I’m just wondering what this icon means? I’m in a training this week and mostly everyone else has an icon that looks like a little microphone. Screenshot Microphone icon

Hi Kate,
That icon just means the Bloom thinks you are using the internal microphone of a laptop. An internal mic is normally not going to be good enough quality, hence the warning sign.

Ok, thank you. What’s odd is that the icon didn’t change when I plugged in an external microphone (which did work much better).

That sounds like a bug.