Merging two Bloom collections

I received a question from a user today that I’m hoping someone can help with…

If my Local person worked in a other system with bloom same book and I am also working in another system with bloom same book. How it will make it in one collection. Or How to merge the two collections. Without losing data .

Any advice?

Liz Pfeifer
(SIL Asia)

Hi Liz,

There isn’t any official way to merge collections or books. You can copy the book folder in one of the collections and paste it into the collection on the other computer. Two books with the same title will show up. (Either Windows or Bloom will add a number at the end of the title to distinguish the two books, I believe.) Merging the two books will be a matter of copying and pasting from one to the other.

Just in case the merge doesn’t go exactly how you want…I’d strongly recommend keeping a backup of the original folders!

Thanks John and Paul.

I’ve passed this onto the user. He had previously asked about copying/merging a collection so I explained about copying the folder to the second computer, but I wasn’t sure what that would do if there were books with the same name.