Mënub̒ù Language of Bukidnon Philippines formerly the Western Bukidnon manobo

Because of the Komisyon ng Wikang Filipino or KWF we have found that the former letters v,z and g strike through, were not suitable to use specially in teaching Mother Tongue in Elementary, it just create confusions until the KWF change our letters with ë istead of e, b̒ instead of v, d̒ instead of z and g̒ instead of strike through g. We made a lot of initiatives just to cope with the changes, we already used my keyman created keyboard and I want to publish it unfortunately, the software cannot create installer because it says, msi is missing, why?

Please help us because it is very necessary in the Department of Education to use such symbols in making IM’s and etc.

Thank you so much.

If you have created a Keyman keyboard using Keyman Developer, you can use the Packaging feature of Keyman Developer to create a package (a single .kmp file) that can then be run on any device that has Keyman installed. Your users can install Keyman for their device and then use the .kmp package you provide to install the keyboard.

(If you submit your keyboard to the Keyman keyboards repository, it will appear on the Keyman site and can be downloaded by anyone.)

This tutorial: Package Tutorial might be of help, but if you have more questions please ask.

(In the past, before packaging expanded to include all platforms, there was a way to create a Windows-only package by including the keymandesktop.msi file. I don’t know if this is still possible or not, but the package is probably the better way to go.)

This sounds like a Keyman for Windows installer question. Transferring the post.

As David says, we recommend you submit your keyboard to the Keyman keyboards repository.
If you just want to make a Windows installer, you can get the latest msi file at

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