Memory Limitations

I find that after scrolling through approximately 25-30 person profiles with photos displayed, SayMore will run out of memory, stop showing the photos, and often shut down. When adding or changing Person profiles or Sessions too, I find that some fields, especially the Genre field in Sessions and the Full Name field in People will stall the program and take a long time to load when clicked upon. Is there a way to save memory while the program is running, or should I just keep reloading it every so often?

Hi Kate,
Thanks for letting us know about this. Sounds like SayMore has a previously unknown memory leak. Do you know how much RAM you have available? By any chance are you running on a Mac, perhaps with limited RAM available for windows?


Hi John,
No I’m running on a brand new Dell XPS running latest windows. It does have a high res screen which I thought might be causing issues (if you click a picture for example, the whole interface of Saymore gets tiny as the display adjusts to get higher resolution for the photo.) this makes it impossible to work with Elan and other programs that haven’t upgraded to automatically adjust their displays for the new high res screens, but usually saymore looks fine.

Thanks Kate. I’ve created a bug report for this:

Follow up - I have approximately 150 people in my SayMore database. Whenever I add a new person and write in their name, it takes approximately 30-45 seconds before I can type anywhere else in the program. Once the blue circle is gone, I can type anywhere.

@katelynnlindsey if you are not PNG currently, and could share your “people” folder with us via dropbox or Google Drive or whatever, that would be a time saver as we try to replicate this behavior. If so, you can click on my name and send me a private message me with the a URL. I’m on holiday in Santa Cruz, but can probably find a colleague to check it out.


@JohnHatton, I don’t see right away how I can send you a private message (maybe I’m too new to the site?) but here’s the link, let me know when you’ve got it and I’ll delete it from the public page. In fact, it won’t let me put a link here either, so I’ll have to trick it.

(John edited to remove link after John got it)

Thanks Kate. So far 51 of the people have images, but that’s up from a few minutes ago, so I think maybe these are still trickling in from your computer to Dropbox? E.g., Abigail does not have a picture on dropbox at this moment.

Bad news is, so far I haven’t been able to see any memory leakage. I paged through every person and, using the Windows Task Manager, saw memory go as high as 400 MB, but it would then go back down. So you could do that experiment too: open task manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) and arrange your windows so that you can see it and SayMore at the same time. Then start at the first person, press down-arrow to see the second person, etc. Let me know what is happening, memory-wise.