Maximum number of pages for printable Bloom book?

One of the people I trained just contacted me and asked how many pages a Bloom book can be, and still be printable?

He says “I enter 170 sheets for which I was going to print double-sided in letter size and I could not do it.”

Is his book too big? Any recommendations of what I should tell him?


I would appreciate knowing the answer to this also.

I had a similar question last week (which I haven’t asked here yet). How many pages are possible within a book that will be published on Bloom reader. (We realise that the size will increase with the number of pages, images, audio etc, but is there a maximum?)

Bloom does not impose a maximum number of pages, but neither is it designed to work well with an unlimited number of pages. Things will gradually slow down and use more memory. I’m travelling now but I think we have seen a 200 page picture dictionary in the past.

I was going to print double-sided in letter size and I could not do it.

If you want to see a programmer tear out his/her hair, just tell them that you could not do something, without saying what you tried and what happened :slight_smile:

Ha, I was wondering why so many programmers went bald early… I’ll get back in touch with the fellow in Guatemala and ask for more details.

This is the reply of my trainee in Guatemala:
"Blessings brother, thank you for the answer. Then means no problem if you can enter the 200 pages. I think perhaps it is the printer that we have to configure because it does not give us the option to print on both sides. We use an epson l380 printer, only appears edge double-sided cut but when printing comes with single page,

Thanks brother, bloom is helping me a lot, I have already translated in our language some useful books."

I, too, pass on my thanks to the Bloom team for an awesome work of art! - Marty

A final follow up here. I got a message from the fellow that was having problems, and it turns out that he wasn’t able to print his book two-sided, because he didn’t have Adobe Acrobat installed on his computer!

“gracias hermano ahora ya nos dió la opcion de imprimir a doble cara era por un problema de programa que no lo tenia instalado en la maquina, el programa adobe acrobat

I encountered this issue in a Bloom workshop a couple of weeks ago too.

If users do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, the PDFs are opened in Edge or the default PDF reader which does not have the same two-sided printing options as Adobe.

But if the user just clicks “Print” instead of creating a PDF first, they should see the Booklet/two-side printing options (if that is possible on their printer).