Managing Comments in Language Forge


Today a mother-tongue speaker of the language I’m working on succeeded in accessing the project on LF. He has figured out how to make a comment on a particular entry (since I have not yet given him editing privileges). I, in turn, have figured out how to find and view his comments. That all seems to be wonderful and working as we had hoped. But I have not yet figured out how to mark a comment as having been dealt with so that it no longer shows up in the list of comments. Is there a way to delete it or to mark it as “resolved” or … ?


I found it just now. There was an icon consisting of three dots whose function I didn’t know, but when I clicked on it, I found an option to delete the comment. Excellent!


Nice find with the delete.

There is another way without deleting the comment. At the bottom of each comment are three buttons. Click the middle To do button to mark it as needing to do something with it. Once things have been resolved click the button again and it will change to Resolved (you can also click it again to mark it as unresolved again).

At the top-right of the list of comments is a way to filter for these items. Click Show All and select Todo to see only comments marked as To do. Select Resolved to see all comments marked as Resolved. Select Unresolved to see all comments that haven’t been marked as To do or Resolved.


You can also filter the entries list and only show entries with unresolved comments.


Thanks. I just found what you both (Ira, Chris) were referring to, and I see how they work. Both things are very useful.