Make Bloom Reader available on Amazon App Store

I had asked earlier if BLOOM were available, but a linguist with Max Planck mentioned to me that Amazon would probably be glad to offer it as a free app.

I checked it out, and it looks like the developers can offer the app with ease…this would be easier than “side-loading” BLOOM.

I see that Amazon has an “app testing” feature on this page:

Great. Thanks. I didn’t know anything about this. Just checked it out and our current release build (1.1.8) and alpha build (1.2.41) both pass all automated tests. But I’m still reluctant to publish without the ability to test it myself (or for someone on our team to do so).

I really meant the BLOOM READER APP…sorry I didn’t say that the first time. It’s true BLOOM itself would be nice too, but I was actually thinking of pre-loading Kindles with BLOOM Reader app and lots of BLOOM books for distribution. It would be easier with the BLOOM Reader app in the Kindle store.


It’s okay. We knew you mean Bloom Reader. : )

I too would love to see Bloom Reader on Kindle. I’m involved in an 8-language project in Gabon, and all our translators have Kindles as the way we are delivering translation resources to them. We are also teaching them to use Bloom and have started teaching some to make Talking Books. I looked for an e-reader that would work on Kindle to play the .epub Talking Book files, but couldn’t find one. So a Bloom Reader app for Kindle would be great.

I don’t know what people mean when they say “Kindle”. Amazon brands many things as “Kindle”.

Let’s agree to avoid the confusion and spell out what we mean:

  • “Kindle Fire” or “Fire”: Amazon’s Android tablets that can’t use the Google Play Store.
  • “Kindle E-Reader”: a grayscale e-ink reading device which shows Amazon’s own formats, AZW and MOBI.
  • “Amazon Kindle app” : an app that runs on iphones, android, windows, etc. which lets you read MOBI-formatted books.

Thanks John, good point. What I meant was Kindle Fire. I know they can’t use Google Play store which is why I was hoping the BLOOM Reader app could be made available in Amazon. Of course you would also keep it in Google play store. What did you mean Ron Radke?

I have an old Kindle. I will charge it up and see what version it is. About 10 years old
Dirk W Sprenger

I have actually side-loaded BLOOM reader app to my Kindle fire and it works beautifully. It would just be much easier if one could access it via the Kindle store.

Kindle is attractive to me because of its durability and the parental control features that make it usable as a dedicated device, less distracting to children (and maybe teachers!)

OK, changing title of this to what I think is the primary request: “Make Bloom Reader available on Amazon App Store”