Make Art of Reading more discoverable once installed

When changing an image in a shell book, I would like to see Art of Reading displaying in the “image Toolbobx” as a source path for the image. I have already installed Art of Reading but Bloom cannot locate it automatically.

Sorry to hear that.
Could you clarify… have you installed from a file you downloaded called ArtOfReading-Free-Setup3.3.exe?
Or from a DVD?

Hello Andrew.
I realized that when I click “Image galleries” that’s when a search field pops up. In the search, I can access the pictures in the Art of Reading by typing the name of the image that I want. eg when I type “Cat” and search, many cat images come up.

My suggestion is to have a button called “Art of Reading” explicitly displayed so that it replaces the button “Image galleries” on the “image toolbox”. This is a feature request.

This confused me and some new users I trained how to use Bloom. I really struggled to find Art of Reading gallery, now that after installing it just disappears and leaves no icon or path in Bloom.

Thank you for the feedback. However, we can’t replace the existing “Image Galleries” tab with an “Art of Reading” tab all the time because there are other possible image galleries users may have installed.

I suppose it might be possible to change the text if Art of Reading is the only gallery available.

I will turn this post into a feature request and edit the topic name.

I’m interested to know about other image galleries that can work with Bloom. Could you please give more information?

The only other gallery I can think of at the moment is one used by the Afghan Children Read project. Unfortunately, I don’t think those images were made available for use outside the project.

Any project with technical skills can create their own image gallery if desired by using this template and instructions. At least that’s the idea. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone trying to use it would still need more direct guidance. Let us know if you have any questions.