Make a way to identify A5 layout vs Device layout in Bloom Library

Hi there,
In Bloom Library, there are many books that are formatted in A5 print book layout and many that are formatted in Device layout, and there may be others that are formatted in other print layout formats.

It would be good if there was some way to indicate at a glance what layout a book is in without having to click on ‘read book’. It would be helpful if there was a little icon in the thumbnail picture, showing whether it is in a print layout or a device layout - a bit like how there can be a small icon showing that a book has an interactive activity in the coloured line underneath the picture.

This would be really helpful for some books where there are a lot of versions of it - eg. ‘Chicken and Millipede’. I’m sure I found an A5 version of it in Bloom Library before, but can’t find it easily again. I can rule out the ones that have a little audio symbol, but there are still many that don’t. It would be tedious opening every version of ‘Chicken and Millipede’ in order to find the one that is in A5 format.