Make a Saymore project viewable (but not editable) on the web

I’m working with several collaborators and I would like to share my Saymore project with them. I’m wondering if I could host the project online so that others could view the project in their browsers without having to download any of the data, and ideally, they would have only view access not edit access. Is this possible?

Hi Kate,
That would be cool but I’m not aware of any web viewer for SayMore files.

I agree. I think it should be possible to archive your project, upload it to a shared drive, and allow others to download it and use SayMore to view the files, but it wouldn’t be a “live” view of the project. (and of course it wouldn’t prevent them from editing their copies.) The development work currently happening on SayMore is minimal, but I will add your idea to a Trello card (and link to this question here) so it won’t be lost. Probably a good bit of analysis would need to go into this, but it could be an interesting project for a volunteer to work on.