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Since installing MacOs Sonoma (14.1.1), one of my custom keyboards has disappeared and I can’t get MacOs to accept reinstallation. I have updated Keyman to 16.0.144 but still to no avail. I have also remade the keyboard in Keyman Developer (on Windows), packaging it as a .kmp file, but MacOs just gives me the message “could not read the Keyman file”. Same thing if I try dragging it into Keyman’s Configuration screen. It’s a simple keyboard which gives me the French accents in the positions I’m used to. I’ve used it daily for about 15 years, so it’s very inconvenient not to have it. Any ideas? Thanks.

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It seems that the issue only occur after the installation of MacOS Sonoma v 14.1.1. Is it the only keyboard that goes missing from the “Configuration” tab?

Have you tried installing the .kmp file and using it on Windows or anywhere else?
If it installs and works fine then it is likely a MacOS Sonoma issue and could be related to known issue of disappearing keyboards on MacOS as listed here:

One more thing, could you try installing a different keyboard from a different file or from here?

We would like to try and reproduce this behaviour next week if you could send us the keyboard package.

We look forward to the progress. Thank you!

As a start, I would also suggest checking the security settings – macOS sometimes resets security settings for apps when the OS is upgraded: How to configure macOS security options for Keyman

Thanks Mark, Docs & Folders did the trick. I of course had the Input Monitoring and Accessibility boxes checked but I hadn’t thought to do the same for Docs and Folders!

I’ve been battling with this problem for weeks, thinking that the issue must be somewhere else!

This may be of interest to you. I also run a Windows PC from my Mac keyboard and mouse (using Synergy from Seamless). Even though nothing had changed on the PC after updating MacOs to Sonoma, since I need to have the French keyboard activated on the Mac for it to work on Windows, I couldn’t type French in Fieldworks and Paratext.

Strangely, I was able to install the Cameroon keyboard and have it as a separate instance of Keyman (see below), which is something I haven’t been able to do since I bought this new MacBook Pro in 2022. Apparently, this shouldn’t be possible! But I had it working before, and now it’s working again. I don’t know how. That way I can switch between Cameroon and French with Option-Cmd-Space rather than having to choose Cameroon Unicode with several mouse clicks.

Anyway, that’s all a huge relief to me.

Happy New Year and a good day to you!


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Glad that resolved it for you!

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