Macos - How to load keyboard from computer

I have just updated Keyman on my macos 11 (Big Sur) system to 15.0.263.

I also installed KeymanDeveloper on Windows 10 running over VirtualBox on my Mac. I used it to modify my standard keyboard for Rossel Island language, Papua New Guinea (YLE). I saved this to a shared folder that is accessible from the Mac.

I clicked the Keyman icon in the menu bar and selected Configuration and removed the old version of the keyboard. Now I want to load the new keyboard from my computer, but can’t see how to. I can click the button to download a keyboard, but can’t see any button to load a keyboard from my computer.

I have dragged the kmx file to the Keyboards tab of the Configuration window. A “+” appears, but the item doesn’t stick there.

How can I load the keyboard from my computer into Keyman?

.kmx won’t be recognized in macOS. What is needed is a keyboard package file, i.e. .kmp, which can be double-clicked on to initiate the installation of the keyboard on any available platforms.

The .kmp file can be built from within Keyman Developer. Just in case, here are the instructions: Package Tutorial.

Thanks @makara , I have been able to do it :slight_smile:

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