Macbook unable to read kmp files

I have been using Keyman Vedic Sanskrit keyboard for a long time. A couple of days ago this key board was disabled. I downloaded the keyboard again and when I try to instal it, I get a message "unable to read .kmp files’. What should I do to continue to use the Vedic Sanskrit keyboard. I need it urgently. Thanks


Can you verify Keyman for macOS is still installed? If not, try re-installing at

Afterwards, then try to install the Vedic Sanskrit keyboard package (.kmp file).

Our Keyman for macOS developer will return from vacation next week and can provide additional support then.

Thank you Darcy. I have reinstalled Keyman successfully by downloading it from the site. And it is showing on the right hand corner of my laptop near the clock. Then I downloaded Vedic Sanskrit key board and got the .kmp file. But when I am trying to install the key board i get a message that ‘.kmp extension files cannot be read’. Till about a few days ago it was working fine but suddenly when I wanted to use the key board, I found it missing from my input sources folder. I will wait for the developer to return from vacation and till then I will try to manage with the online version of the keyboard. Thanks

Hmm, instead of double-clicking the kmp file, could you try the dragging it into Keyman Configuration?

Refer to the “Installing a Keyman Keyboard from a Folder on Your Computer” section from the Install a Keyman Keyboard guide.

Thanks.I tried dragging the file but it did not work. I get the following message when I double click the keyboard file

Can you try and install the keyboard from within Keyman Configuration? Here is the instructions for it Install a Keyman Keyboard.

Also, you may want to make sure you have granted Accessibility Access to Keyman in Privacy settings. If you are on Monterey, the setting for accessibility might be different. Please use this as a reference: How to configure macOS security options for Keyman.

Thanks.Will try and let you know the result.

Hi Raghu,

I installed the same keyboard from this link: Vedic Sanskrit Devanagari Phonetic (ITRANS) keyboard

This worked correctly for me, and I cannot seem to duplicate your issue. The only way I can get Keyman to behave similarly is by loading a kmp file that has zero bytes.

Can you send me a copy of the kmp file you are attempting to install?

Also, please provide

  1. the version of macOS
  2. the version of Keyman from the About dialog
  3. a screen shot of the Keyman configuration window

As a test, have you attempted to install any other keyboards using the Download Keyboard button in Keyman’s Configuration Window? That might help determine whether the issue is specific to this particular keyboard.