Mac Russian phonetics Want to add stress shortcut

Hi there,

I need the Russian phonetics (= QUERTY) keyboard for typing on a German layout and on my new ipad, but the stress is missing which is used for textes for beginners.

I tried Ukule software, but it didn‘t work out with my Macbook pro M1. I don‘t know why. Should I try out keyman? I am a normal user without any programming skills.

Thank you!

Welcome to the community, @Leuzi66.

You should be able to choose a keyboard that suits your need. Here are what we have in our keyboard library: Keyboard Search.

You do need Keyman for macOS to use any of the keyboards in the library above. Get it at Keyman 15.0 for macOS.

A few things you need to do to get Keyman up and running are shown in the help page.

Thank us later. :slight_smile:

Thanks, makara, but I‘m afraid I don‘t want to download keyman, because I will have to allow them to read and use all my data. Or did I get anything wrong?

Hi @Leuzi66, you don’t need to worry – Keyman does not read or use your data. Keyman does have to have access to the keyboard, for obvious reasons(!), but we have strict privacy rules and we do not take data off your computer or send your keystrokes to our server, or anything like that. You can have a read of our privacy policy here.