Mac OSX can't download Tibetan Unicode Direct Input keyboard

I’m using Mac OSX10.12.6 & keyman version 1.1.14 beta, but I can"t dowload the Tibetan Unicode Direct Input, please help to download the said keyboard.

Sorry to hear you ar ehaving trouble with getting started using Keyman.
Can you give me a little more detail on what is going wrong:

Keyboard cannot be downloaded.

Thank you for letting us know of this problem, kingkris. we’ve fixed the problem on the server and you should be able to download now.

Thank you for solving my problem! It was a success to download the keyboard, to install it and I find out the keyboard can be typed, the on-screen keyboard cannot be used when I point my mouse and click on it, there is no function, I must type on my keyboard to input. Please help to solve it as well! Thank You very much!

Okay, I’m not sure why this would be happening but I’ve reported the issue to our macOS developer to check out.

I have tested this using the current alpha version and it works fine. I tested it using Notes. What application(s) are you trying to us it in?

I can’t type using the on-screen keyboard on office, word, note

I also tested it in Word and it worked fine. You do realize that you need to press the Shift key (either on your physical keyboard or on-screen) to access the Tibetan characters using tat keyboard, right?
If it still isn’t working for you, perhaps you can open Console and filter the log to just show messages from the Keyman process and send me a copy of the log. Otherwise, maybe I can use Bomgar to access your machine remotely to see what is going on.